NPCs of Cross Fork, WI


Hannah O’Malley – (60) – Wife of the late Don O’Malley.

Mayor Eugene Morton – (60) – Mayor of all ~200 people of Cross Fork, PA. Drives a Subraru.

Kurt Jones – (24) – Gas station employee who went missing. Recovered from within the spirit bear.

Ranger Mary A. Bomar – (36) – National Park Ranger Forrestry service.

Sheriff William Boone – (50) – County Sheriff with jurisdiction over Potter County

Dept. Calvin Ford – (40) – Sheriff’s deputy

Christie Kelly – (52) – Regional EPA head

Melody Wheeler – (50) – Proprietor of Wheeler’s Country Store & Bar, which is just about the only place in the village

Dr. Luther Rowe – County Medical Examiner


NPCs of Cross Fork, WI

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