Weston Helms (The Professional)

Agent of a secret government agency battling the supernatural



Charm +0
Cool +3
Sharp +0
Tough +2
Weird -1

Professional Moves

When you deal with the Agency, requesting help or gear, or making excuses for a failure, roll +Sharp. On a 10+, you’re good; your request for gear or personnel is okayed, or your slip-up goes unnoticed. On a 7-9, things aren’t so great. You might get chewed out by your superiors and there’ll be fallout, but you get what you need for the job. On a miss, you screwed up: you might be suspended or under investigation, or just in the doghouse. You certainly aren’t going to get any help until you sort it all out.
Battlefield Awareness: You always know what’s happening around you, and what to watch out for. Take +1 armour (max 2-armour) on top of whatever you get from your gear.
Tactical Genius: When you read a bad situation, you may roll +Cool instead of +Sharp.
Medic: You have a full first aid kit, and the training to heal people. When you do first aid, roll +Cool. On a 10+ the patient is stabilized and healed of 2 harm. On a 7-9 choose one: heal 2 harm or stabilize the injury. On a miss, you cause an extra 1 harm. This move takes the place of regular first aid.
Come Get Some: You can challenge your foes to fight you alone, maybe in words or maybe just by being the biggest, baddest bastard in the team. Roll +Tough. On a 10+ they all go for you. On a 7-9 they go for you, mainly, but maybe one or two of your comrades are getting marked too. On a miss, they come for you harder than you expected.


  • Flak vest (1-armour hidden)
  • Sniper rifle (4-harm far)
  • 9mm (2-harm close loud)
  • Big knife (1-harm hand)

The Agency

Weston works for a secret government agency tasked with fighting paranormal threats and keeping them hidden from the general public. As an actual agent of the federal government, Weston has a valid set of credentials identifying him as an agent of the Department of Homeland Security.
Agency Resource tags: Recognized authority, Weird tech gadgets
Agency Red Tape tags: Dubious Motives, Secretive hierarchy


Weston is a former Marine who joined the (actual) DHS after his service in Iraq. Years later a raid on a potential terrorist cell would turn out to be something much stranger; Weston was the sole survivor of the encounter, and his world view left very much shaken. No one would believe his after action report, and just when he was on the verge of being drummed out on a psych evaluation, an arm of the agency he’d never heard of offered him a job – and more importantly, an explanation.

Agent Helms has been given a solo assignment to the boondocks of Wisconsin, still mostly in the dark about his new employers and exactly what else is out there. Feeling in over his head, and never one to stand on protocol when results are needed, Weston has tapped a few of his more open-minded friends in the area to lend him a hand in protecting the populace from unknown weirdness.

Weston discovered Kary and his powers on one of his first jobs for the Agency. He has decided to keep his findings quiet to protect the young psychic, and help him control his powers productively.

Weston and Samuel know each other from AA meetings. By chance, Samuel is also on the Agency’s watch-list thanks to his independent investigations.

Silas was recommended to Weston as a potential knowledge source in the area, apparently having worked successfully with his Agency in the past. Weston has consulted him at least once, concerned about a strange owl that seemed to be stalking him in the night; according to the doctor, it may or may not be the agent’s spirit animal.

Weston Helms (The Professional)

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